What is an audio/video server?

The smart home system also covers home cinema appliance integration and multiroom integration – meaning, sound amplification for multiple rooms. Did you know that one can gather their favourite music on special servers, able to store several thousand hours of music, and providing a visual list of the available tracks on one panel? It’s exactly through touch panels that the family can control this device in the home cinema and multiroom systems: the TV screen, TV/satellite units, MP3 file servers, iPods, CD players, DVD/BD players, game consoles, etc.



An audio/video server is an appliance storing all our songs and films (even up to 15000 albums). There exist versions that can simultaneously handle 1 to 90 simultaneous streams, meaning that every one of the family can listen to a different track or watch a different film at the same time. High-resolution (Blu-ray) models are already available.

In our systems we use the fabulous device Adagio Media System (AMS), which is able to deliver high quality sound for the cinema room and six other rooms. It supports advanced processing and surround sound amplification for the home cinema. Thanks to AMS the user can also integrate all other devices and functions: lighting, window blinds, cameras…