What is a Multiroom system?

You already know how to create a cinema hall in your living room, where the family can spend free time together. But it’s obvious that you can’t always ’round up’ everyone to watch a film. It’s hard to convince a teenage boy to watch 'Gone with the wind’, and the father probably won’t want to listen to the latest disco hits with him. What happens if each of them will want to relax in their own way at the same time? For comfort and ease of use in the house you can use the multiroom system, thanks to which everyone will be able to listen to what they choose. The Multiroom system is a complete multiple room sound amplification solution, thanks to which one can listen to a selected sound source in every room – radio, TV, CD, DVD – without the need to purchase separate audio sets for each of them. This allows for hiding away all sound sources and audio/video amplifiers, i. e. in the wardrobe, and distribution of independent sound to two, four, six or even one hundred rooms.     The Multiroom system is composed of a central unit distributing music to all rooms through special zone amplifiers and speakers. The speakers can be installed in the walls or ceilings. At this point you not only influence the comfort of the house but also the interior design. Instead of having several pieces of equipment – hi-fi sets, radio, TV – you have small speakers in the walls. Instead of having to do the unimaginable by placing large speakers in the bathroom – you have speakers installed in the ceiling. This is saving space and caring for the aesthetics at the same time. That is why one should reach the decision to install a Multiroom system already during the construction of the house, in order to avoid costly reconstructions. It might me necessary to raise the floor to allow cables to run under it or make space in the walls for speakers or control units.