A screen instead of the TV

The sound quality at the home cinema should go hand in hand with top picture quality. That is why in our systems we recommend projection screens and digital projectors, providing unmatched experiences even for people used to TV sets (even to 'large plasma screens’ – a home projection screen usually has a diagonal size of about 100-150 inches). The screen can be hidden away in the ceiling, which allows for quick changing of the room into a cinema, and storing away the equipment after the screening if it doesn’t fit in with the rest of the interior or if the family needs the space.



In order to attain maximum comfort and high installation elegance, we also provide speakers mounted on the walls, built into walls or ceilings, or completely hidden away under the plaster. They take up no space, in such a way not being a hindrance for internal design, and providing optimum sound. Their discrete installation does not influence the aesthetics of the interior, both if you are creating a house in a classic or a modern style.