HotStone smart massage beds

We care not only for your comfort, security and savings, but also for your health!     List of health benefits: • sets the vertebrae, eliminates pain in the vertebral column • prevents stiffening and weakening of the vertebral column • relaxes the muscles and tendons around the vertebral column • eliminates inflammations in the body • slows down the growth process of cancerous cells • cleanses the liver, limits liver cirrhosis • facilitates blood circulation – better supply with oxygen • facilitates the healing of allergies, migraines, infections, neurosis • clears energy channels   Description and method of operation The HotStone massage bed is a modern automatic healing device for thermal massage of the vertebral column (spine), fusing in itself unconventional healing methods like acupressure, chiropractice, moxotherapy and warmth therapy. Internal projectors, made of nephrite (a semi-precious stone), moving along the spine, eliminate backaches related to lack of physical exercise, incorrect posture and bad habits. The fusion of modern technology with traditional Far Eastern methods of massage shows that healing can take place on many levels: it acts preventively in spine illnesses, facilitates metabolism, raises organism immunity, helps relieve nerve pains, brings forth vitality and relaxes. A massage on the HotStone bed also unblocks energy channels of the user and relaxes muscles.   For the purposes of distribution of this product we have created a separate website at