Distribution of digital music and HD films in the house


What is distribution of digital audio and video signal?

Distribution of digital sound and images means the ability to listen to digitally stored music and watch high quality films in several points in the house. The sound is not distorted in any way, and its digital form gives everyone the ability to easily choose by artist, title or genre. As simple as in the tiny iPod.

Due to copy protection restrictions of HD films the signal must be transmitted via a digital HDMI cable. This connection is very sensitive to length – connections over 15 m were impossible until now. Currently, signal 'splitters’ allow transmission ranges of up to 160 m, so one will be able to watch a HD film from any room even in a large house. There exist also wireless versions, ideal for houses already built.


Why is it worth it to use digital audio/video signal transmission?

• Listening to music and watching films in different rooms in comfort
• Highest sound and image quality (no need for compression, but it is possible if needed)
• No need to run many cables – for six zones one cable is enough
• Ability to watch HD films (few people know that this was hard before)
• Control of the music/video player possible from any room


Can I use digital audio/video distribution in a house already built?

Yes – thanks to the newest devices transmitting the signal wirelessly.