iPod docking stations

What are iPod docking stations? These are stands with a port built in for transmission of sound, images, song data and power to the IPod. They allow quick access to songs gathered on the iPod and a connection to the home audio/video system. All one needs to do is set the iPod on the stand and instantly all music and films gathered on it will be available for listening and viewing on the home speakers and TV set (including a song menu).   Why is it worth it to use iPod docking stations? • Aesthetic design without unnecessary cables • Allows playback of tracks on home speakers and large screen • Simple access for the whole family to tracks stored on the iPod   Can I install iPod docking stations in a house already built? Yes. A docking station can stand on the desk or cupboard or be wall-mounted, however it requires a power supply cable (the audio/video signal can be transmitted wirelessly).