Elevators and holders for TV sets and projectors



What is an elevator and holder for a TV set or projector?

Elevators are electric appliances raising a TV hidden in a cupboard or lowering a projector installed in the ceiling. They allow one to quickly change the room into a cinema hall, and hide away all the equipment after the screening if it doesn’t fit in with the interior well. Holders for TV sets and projectors allow them to be installed in uncommon locations (TV set hidden under the ceiling which folds away for the film, a TV or projector mounted in a diagonal wall in the attic or in the corner of a room).


Why is it worth it to use elevators and holders for TVs and projectors?

• They allow the installation of equipment even in hard to reach spots
• They allow components of the home cinema to be distributed well
• After the screening the equipment can be hidden away – it will not clutter the interior design of the room
• Elevators also protect the equipment from dust, damage, theft


Can I use a screen and projector in a house already built?

Yes. Holders require no power, and elevators only power from the nearest outlet. The signal can be run to the projector TV wirelessly (even HDMI).