What does an intelligent house have to do with the home theatre system?

It is hard to imagine our daily life without music, television, the radio, the Internet. Long gone are the times when the lady of the house would wait for a middle-of-the-night rerun of an episode of her favourite series, because in the day she wasn’t able to see it due to the family hogging the television, watching with bated breath another final of yet another world cup.

And yet it can be so nice… we fall asleep calmed by delicate sounds of blues… when in the next room your growing daughter listens to an of course handsome vocalist, whose talent, however, does not match his looks. If we, however, are not able to hear him, we don’t intervene in her room – another row had been averted..



In the next part we will tell you about multiroom systems and audio/video signal distribution to multiple rooms.