Lightning control

Lightning control – switched on/off or dimmable

Lighting is one of the most important components of the house. Currently people spend most of their time at home in the evening. So, lighting appropriate for the mood and situation is an important component of satisfaction in our house. If a room should have many doors or if there are many sources of light, a traditional installation soon becomes too complex. In case of intelligent control it poses no trouble. We can let imagination soar and swiftly create an unmatched atmosphere in our house.

In certain rooms additional dimmers for lamps are worth considering. Such rooms are the living room (i. e. to achieve a special atmosphere), the corridor between the bedroom and bathroom (so that in the night bright light does not blind anyone sleepy), the bedroom and the children’s room (children don’t like to go to sleep in the dark). Dimmed lamps can gradually achieve full intensity so as not to expose the eyes to a sudden flash of light.


Creation of light scenes and their modification

In large or representative rooms it is worthwhile to program several light scenes (moods). You need one type of light for a romantic dinner, different when having guests over, and still other when reading or watching TV. A light scene is comprised of several lamps activated simultaneously, each at its own specific power level. At the touch of a button you can change the 'atmosphere’, i. e. from general to romantic. In one moment certain lamps are turned on while others are turned off. And all of this with the press of a single button. A scene can also cover control of window blinds, heating and other appliances allowing the mood in a room to be changed more swiftly. Light scenes can be modified by the investor directly through the consoles or via the digital visualisation from any computer.

If one installs lamps in the garden, it’s also worth creating different light scenes for various occasions. It’s worth it to implement radio remote control of these lamps; one can then carry the remote unit in the pocket instead of having to go into the house each time. Light control outside of the building is executed through consoles, motion detectors, radio remote controls, and centrally through a dusk sensor installed on the roof.



  • when a child is afraid in the night to go from the living room to the room upstairs (or from its room to the kitchen downstairs), it can press one button to light lamps along its path (corridor, stairs, room)
  • in case of a fire, all lights are turned on to assist evacuation
  • when the inhabitants are absent, the lights can automatically turn on and off, simulating their presence
  • light scenes (sets of lamps turned on simultaneously at various, predetermined power levels), i. e. dinner, reading, guests.
  • automatic lights in the driveway and in the garage
  • automatic external lights activated at dusk and switched off in the night
  • control of the lighting depending on the presence of a person