Control of window blinds, curtain rails, marquees etc.

An intelligent installation allows far more effective control of window blinds, curtain rails, windows and gates than a traditional installation. Central control, executed from any chosen point of the house, and the option of programming automatic events, provide comfort and security (i. e. as presence simulation).

After the family leaves the house, external blinds close, curtains are raised not to gather too much dust, temperature is lowered, and ventilation switches to minimum power. The user will be informed by a warning signal of any window or security blind still open.




  • Window blind slats can always be adapted so that the room is bright, but taking care that the sunlight isn’t blinding and allows work at the computer or watching TV.
  • The security blinds are rolled down when the sunlight heats the room too much.
  • The blinds are raised when sunlight allows to save of energy.
  • At dusk, the blinds, windows and security blinds are closed to protect the family from foreign eyes peering in from the outside.
  • The opening of the driveway gate makes the lamps at the driveway leading to the garage come on.
  • During strong wind, the control unit of the marquees will draw them in to protect them from damage.
  • Sensors control the windows, doors, gates, and report any malfunction. At request they can also provide reports via phone or the Internet.
  • One remote control unit in the car keys can control both its alarm unit as well as the driveway gate and garage door. It can also start the driveway and garage lights and arm the alarm system (disarming is suggested to be executed by manual code entry).