Atypical lighting - lighted cable covers


What are lighted cable covers?

These are wall-mounted cable covers serving to hide away the cables running under them. The lit version creates such a good atmosphere in the room that it’s worth using it for the sole light effect even if one doesn’t need to hide away any cables.

Why is it worth it to use lighted cable covers?

• They aesthetically mask the cables running to the speakers, TV, any extension cords, etc.
• They allow for fixed installation of the cables away from the reach of children or animals
• They create beautiful light effects giving the room a nice atmosphere

Can I use lighted cable covers in a house already built?

Yes, they are the best solution specifically for already existing houses. The increasing number of cables required by modern audio/video equipment would force one to break down the walls or to run them across the floor, if it wasn’t for the cable covers.