Television units for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces



What are TV sets for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces?

TV sets for bathrooms, kitchens and terraces are designed so that they are not prone to damage by humidity or splashing water. They can be mounted in the ladder radiator or directly in the wall so that they not protrude from it more than the tiles. The frame can have any colour, and the surface reflective – so that the TV looks like an ordinary mirror when it’s off. A TV set for the kitchen can be installed in a cupboard door so it doesn’t take up extra space.

Why is it worth it to use TV sets in a bathroom or kitchen?

• Ability to watch films and TV in humid rooms
• They take up no space, which is always scarce in the kitchen or bathroom
• They look much better than LCDs or plasma screens hanging on the wall


Can I use a screen and projector in a house already built?

Yes. The TV only requires power from the nearest outlet. The video signal can be routed wirelessly (even HDMI).