Speakers for walls, for the ceiling, and for the outside


What are wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers?

These are speakers foreseen for installation on the wall or to be built into a wall or ceiling, or completely hidden away under the plaster. They serve to play music and sound for the home cinema in rooms, in which traditional/visible speakers are not called for. Electrically opened speakers are also available.


Why is it worth it to use wall- or ceiling-mounted speakers?

• They take up no space and thus do not hinder the interior design while sustaining optimum sound.
• They are hardly visible (the front cover can be painted in the colour of the wall) or completely invisible (built into the wall under the plaster)
• They let everyone enjoy the music in the whole house without the need to install extra audio equipment


Can I use wall- and ceiling-mounted speakers in a house already built

Yes, but they do require cabling. In the worst case this cable has to run from the audio set, in the best case one only needs a power supply from the nearest socket, because the audio signal can be fed wirelessly (sustaining high sound quality of course).