Armchairs and sofas for the home cinema


What are armchairs and sofas for the home cinema?

These are armchairs and sofas designed especially with viewer comfort in the home cinema in mind. They not only take into account ergonomics but also incorporate cup holders for drinks or snacks and electrically folded away and raised foot and head rests, and in sofas – their complete expansion to the horizontal position. The coverings are leather, alcantara or any other material according to the customer’s wishes.


Why is it worth it to use special armchairs and sofas for the home cinema?

• Their construction is optimum for the comfort of the viewer
• Finishing using special materials that are stain-resistant
• Electrically adjusted to provide optimum comfort


Can I use special home cinema armchairs and sofas in a house already built?

Yes. The armchairs and sofas require no cabling or just power from a nearby outlet. Even in the living room (not a special cinema room) the described armchairs and sofas will be useful, not only when watching films.