Touch panels

We use CRESTRON panels for all functions and devices in our projects; these have touch-sensitive screens of sizes from 4 to even 21 inches diagonally, offering very good contrast and resolution. Thanks to touch panels one can intuitively control every function of the audio/video system, and with one button switch off the current film, roll up the blinds, turn on the light, and 'return’ home from the cinema.   On these screens one can not only show the song list from the music (or film) server, but also control any lamp, window blind, view the image from any security camera installed in or around the house; one can view the guest waiting at the gate to the premises and let them enter by pressing a virtual button on the screen. Notice that there are also panels with internet browsers, e-mail services and multimedia functionality available, also allowing viewing films (buttons on the housing allow the pausing of films, turning on the lights and picking up a ringing phone).