Advanced audio/video system integration

Below we describe a very interesting smart home project based on the KNX/EIB system and CRESTRON components. SMARTech is probably the only company in Poland having certifications authorising them to execute both of the listed systems.


Basic capabilities

The KNX/EIB system covers lighting control in the house and garden, heating and window blinds. Several light scenes were programmed, with options of their free selection and saving in the system by any member of the family. All one needs to do is set the selected lamps to the desired power level, and press the button 'Save as scene 1′. The lighting outside the house turns on by itself after dusk, simultaneously the window blinds roll down so that nobody can spy on the family from the street. The marquees on the terrace open automatically when sunlight is strong (to protect persons sitting on the terrace from intense sunlight), but they roll back when the wind is too powerful (so that the fabric isn’t damaged).


Integration with the audio/video system

Up to this point this is almost a typical system. However, integration with the audio system had posed many challenges for us – the customer’s expectations were quite extensive: control of each component of the home theatre (screen, two satellite TV receiver units, MP3 file audio server, iPod, radio, CD player, DVD player, Playstation console) from one touch panel. To make it more difficult – all these capabilities had to be available in six independent zones, so every family member has the ability to listen to or watch something else. Control could not be limited to selection of the sound source and changing to the next/previous track, as it is in typical multiroom systems (audio distribution system for multiple rooms). The goal was the ability to find a particular song by a selected artist, and to create one’s own 'favourites’ lists and playlists. After a session is finished, a press of the OFF button should turn off all audio equipment, hide the screen and slowly light the lamps or raise the window blinds.