A console gives a feeling of security

We were talking about comfort, what about security? With one button you can switch off all devices in the house, all lamps, and turn on the alarm system. There is no danger of fire if an iron was left running, or the neighbours going crazy because some absent-minded teenager left their music on too loud.



The manufacturers of smart home appliances know that their customers value comfort and safety just like they value interior aesthetics. We’ve eliminated the colony of switches from the wall replacing it with one console – you know very well how important it is for all components of a room to fit together.




When selecting intelligent consoles one can select their shapes, colours, finishing and material so that they best fit in with the interior of the room. Did you know that the newest consoles were inspired and built with Swarovski gems? For exclusive, posh interiors, as well as for tasteful ones – they fit in excellently! But we can also recommend to you other solutions as well: stainless steel, wood, aluminium, in different colours and shapes. Everything depends on the style of your house. Tell us about it all – we will help you select the appropriate components.




Available are also LCD touch screens that can be put on the table, wall-mounted units, as well as wireless ones. But we will tell you everything about their features later in the guide. You have to know that you can control everything just using the consoles or touch screens: lighting, window blinds, audio/video equipment, as well as make use of your e-mail, view the images from the external and internal CCTV cameras, as well as receive useful information i. e. about the weather.


Smart control consoles are also integrated with the lighting. Using them one can set the temperature for a room, control it or just read it out from the display of the console. You can read about the benefits of integrating your smart system with the heating in the next part of the guide. You should know that this not only increases your comfort, but also – or perhaps foremost – allows to save energy, which will reflect positively on your home budget. You are thus sure to appreciate this feature and the knowledge about it…