IR module - management and integration with infra-red equipment

The IR module is a unit integrating automation and alarm systems with the infra red system used to control the audio/video equipment, air conditioners, etc. One can also use the unit independently as a home 'traffic manger’ for infra red waves.

It is a solution enabling control of the audio/video equipment automatically, without having to intervene personally. Walls and closed doors aren’t a problem any more. This means that i. e. the entrance of someone into the house can not only automatically trigger the lights and window blinds or raise the temperature, but will also cause the TV to be turned on to show the favourite channel, or start up a favourite CD/DVD.

Such functionality brings us ever closer to the capabilities of Bill Gates’ house, where, when entering a room, one can see their favourite painting on the plasma screen hanging on the wall. Currently also SMARTech customers can have such functionality (and other features as well) in their homes. The integration goes both ways – one can also control any feature of the EIB system from the wireless remote control.


Here are a few examples of use for the SMARTech IR module (we will leave the remainder to your imagination):

• The motion detector sends the signal to start recording on the VCR the image from a camera in the corridor when an intruder is spotted
• Ability i. e. to send from the office a command to record a film on the house VCR
• Control of the living room DVD player from the bedroom
• Entrance to the house causes the TV to switch on to the favourite channel or play a selected CD via the CD player
• When the TV is turned on, the curtains will be drawn to block excessive sunlight, so that the film can be viewed comfortably
• 'Remote control extension cord’ (one can control any appliance from any place)
• Automatic muting of the radio or TV in case the phone rings (ensuring a peaceful conversation)
• One can list examples on and on, imagination will suggest further uses.