For all these functions we had used CRESTRON panels with touch sensitive screens having a diagonal size of 8,4″, with very good contrast and screen resolution, able to integrate themselves with the KNX/EIB system and AV equipment through RS232 and IR ports. Thanks to the panels one can easily control every function of the audio system, view the image from any of the over a dozen cameras installed around the house, view the guest waiting at the gate to the premises, control any lamp/blind, as well as use the Internet and electronic mail.

Examples of capabilities

Below are presented selected screens of the panel so that you may get a glimpse of its capabilities. All the navigation between functions, graphics and text were created by us for the customer – everything is freely customisable. If you would like to receive even more detailed information on the subject, we would like to invite you to visit our website – at (1,2 MB) we had made available a full simulation for the described panels, showing all the implemented functionality in a simple way.



Main panel screen


TV station selection screen


Audio server playlist screen


Sound source selection and adjustment screen


First floor lighting control screen


External camera image screen


Web browser screen