Privacy policy

SMARTech company (hereinafter referred to as SMARThome) reserves the right to amend its Privacy Policy. Each client of SMARThome and the user of this website (hereinafter referred as website) is bound by the current Privacy Policy contained on this website, on the following address:

Any amendments made shall be without prejudice to the basic principle: SMARThome does not sell or disclose any personal data or contact details of its clients or the users of this website to any third parties.

If you do not accept the Privacy Policy, please do not visit this website, do not use the products and services available free of charge and do not purchase the products or services offered by SMARThome.


Personal data

During the use of this website or other channel of communication, you might be asked to provide some of your personal details, through filling in a form or in any other way. The data requested will in most cases be your first name and e-mail address or just your e-mail address. When placing the orders, you will be asked to provide complete personal data. We will ask from you only such data which is necessary for correctly completing the operation. The failure to provide the requested data will block the activity to which the data pertained.


Subscribing to free of charge publications

Subscribing to electronic and other free of charge publications distributed by SMARThome requires you to provide your first name and e-mail address or just your e-mail address in the respective form fields. These fields are obligatory. The data obtained this way is added to our address (e-mail) book. The e-mail address is required to let us send every user the publication of his/her choice. The first name will enable SMARThome to address the user properly.


Ordering the services and products

Ordering the services and products offered by SMARThome through the website or by electronic mail requires your fuller address details.


Unannounced messages

SMARThome reserves the right to send unannounced messages to the persons whose contact details it collected and who accepted the Privacy Policy. The term 'unannounced’ messages shall be herein understood as: information directly related to SMARThome’s website and SMARThome’s products and services (e.g. changes, promotions), non-commercial messages (e.g. greetings, comments, educational and informational materials, etc.) as well as commercial information, whose dispatch has been paid for by the SMARThome’s clients. The entities ordering the commercial e-mailings are not disclosed the personal data of the persons included in SMARThome’s address book. Commercial information is filtered out as much as possible, its content is limited and it is sent sporadically. With any questions, please write to [email protected].


Limitation of liability

SMARThome shall not be responsible for the advertisements posted by third parties. The buyer should exhibit due care when answering to an advertisement or when sending any money. We pay considerable attention to selecting only reliable entities to post advertisements here, nevertheless, we waive the responsibility for their actions.