How not to forget that one little cable?

Are you building or remodelling your house/flat?

200 suggestions for investors, installation specialists and designers of electrical installations Do you know that of you forget a single cable you run the risk of having to break down the walls again and listen to your family complaining that you weren’t provident enough and hadn’t bought our list? Persons building a house or remodelling a flat, installation specialists and electrical installation designers often wonder which cables are required for which appliances in a house or flat. Certain matters are obvious (i. e. the lamps), but certain are very useful, though usually forgotten (i. e. lightning protection of the computer network, phone power outlet behind the cupboard in the hall). Browsing hundreds of pages of superficial information is time-consuming and ineffective. This can, however, be avoided. We had gathered information useful for investors, installation specialists and designers in our guide 'How not to forget that one little cable?’.
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Examples of cables included in our list:
  • Ground-based TV antenna (analogue and digital)
  • Electric roof windows (incl. their blinds)
  • Air humidifier/purifier
  • Lightning protection of the computer network
  • Outlet for the depilator near the toilet bowl
  • Trash compactor
  • Central vacuum cleaner
  • Chargers for mobile phone batteries or remote control units
  • Central (base) unit for the cordless phone
  • Surround sound speakers and subwoofer outlets (certain models require a separate power supply)
Based on 12 years of experience in electrical, audio/video and smart home installations, as well as many publications and data, we have compiled a list of over 200 cables you need to include when designing your electric installation. The list can be broken down into 22 categories:
  1. External connections (cables running to the house from the outside)
  2. Antennas
  3. Primary power supply cabling
  4. Dedicated power supply cabling
  5. Emergency power supply cabling
  6. Gates, blinds and other motors
  7. Temperature and ambient air control
  8. Sensors
  9. KNX/EIB bus
  10. Earthing
  11. Lightning protection and power surge protection
  12. Primary internal lighting
  13. Special-purpose internal lighting
  14. Primary external lighting
  15. Special-purpose external lighting
  16. Phone/computer/Internet network
  17. Access control
  18. Alarm system
  19. Radio/TV/satellite/CCTV system
  20. Sound amplification/music
  21. Home theatre system
  22. Multiroom and audio/video server
How much is the knowledge gathered in the publication worth? Up to 25 000 EUR – this is its value in case you forget that 'one cable’ and have to break open the walls again. 170 EUR – this is what a training seminar on the subject would cost, for one person, in a lecture hall. 97 EUR – this would be the price of a DVD with the training course if we were to distribute it in this manner. 67 EUR – this is the estimated value of printed material from the training seminar. 47 EUR – you only pay this much when buying the list 'How not to forget that one little cable?’ and gaining access to this material any time and anywhere you need it! But that’s not all! Ordering the list 'How not to forget that one little cable?’ you will also receive: Bonus 1: A 167-page basic guide to Smart Home Systems Bonus 2: A general guide to 14 smart home systems available in Europe, with a table comparing their 36 features in detail.
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What do the readers think about the Guide? I am building my dream house, and I was wondering, which installations I should plan in it, so that I don’t find out after painting and wallpapering the walls that I will need to introduce any changes. After quick calculations I had determined that I cannot afford a smart home, but I decided to make use of the guide 'How not to forget that one little cable?’ because I wanted to have a list of all cabling installations which I might have at home. Apart from a few suggestions pertaining strictly to smart homes, I had used all the valuable notes. Hand on heart, I confess that had it not been for this – in any case thin – guide, I surely never would have thought about at least eight different cable installations, which are now under the plaster of my future living room. To sum up: A concise and to-the-point guide – perfect for a woman cherishing simplicity and sophisticated beauty. I recommend it – Małgorzata Kozyra  
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