Complete editable plans for a smart home

Based on these design plans you can learn how to make other smart home designs and installations. You can also introduce changes to it, to adapt it to your needs.

This could happen to you too! Read on – don’t let anything derail your plans:

Would you like to implement a smart system in your house, or perhaps you design them for your customers? Let’s move a little bit forward in time:

You are struggling with a smart home design. You are considering a few ideas, but are not sure whether they will function properly. You have doubts as to how to begin the design. Suddenly you remember that you had seen this suggestion today, and that you had read about it in ready projects… In a moment you realise how much easier your work would have been if you had used it. Quickly you start up your browser and set off to find that website…

Since you will probably come back here anyway, you can save a lot of time by making use of this opportunity now. Get a complete design for a smart installation and take full control of the implementation of a smart home system.

The design of the system that you will be able to obtain in a moment was created for a building with an area of 200m2. Since its implementation we had not recorded a single fault!

The smart electric installation (and the design includes others as well) for a house of 200 m2 covers 171 modules in the switch box, 130 cables connecting the switch box to the building and several thousand connections. An experienced designer needs about 112 hours of work to create a design like this, and even more, if an inexperienced designer approaches this task. The value of the design plans, taking into account the stated number of work hours of the designer, amounts to 2000 EUR. See how you can undertake this investment with less financial resources by using our design:

  1. You save time – you make use of a ready solution that can be implemented instantly.
  2. You learn from the best – if you are only beginning an affair with intelligent system, take this opportunity to peek into an expert’s notebook, and see what a complete design looks like,
  3. You reduce the risk of errors creeping into your design – you are sure that the installation from the design will surely work flawlessly,
  4. You use your funds smarter and reduce costs – you can instantly calculate how much to invest in the project, you also avoid costly errors which might have required you i. e. to break up your walls again and rebuild the system.

Find out what you get in the purchased design package – and how you will benefit from it all

* Floor plans of the building that the system was designed for – that way you can easily picture the conditions in which the system functions,

* Customer requirement analysis questionnaire – using it you will easily be able to find out the expectations of your customers for whom you will be designing your own systems,

* Initial customer offer – in it we present the full text of an offer, including a price list and descriptions of the most interesting features of the system; you will use this offer when communicating with your customers,

* A set of the most important data: control console function table, list of electrical cables and wiring diagrams of the electric switch box – you will find out what components make up the system, and how to create similar lists for your customers,

* Full design documentation – treat it as an instruction manual if you are installing a ready system, or as training material if you would like to learn to design documentation for your own systems,

* Diagrams of all installations – on them you will see the layout of all components of the installation.

Here is a full list of the components of the design that you can order right now

  1. Description of the design
  2. Customer requirement analysis questionnaire
  3. Initial offer for the installation and KNX/EIB system
  4. Description of features of control consoles in each room
  5. Installation description and guidelines for the investor
  6. Table of electric circuits (location, power rating, cable type)
  7. List of devices and materials
  8. Wiring diagram of the electric switch cabinet (protection devices and KNX/EIB modules)
  9. General view of the electric switch cabinet.
  10. Terminal layout in the switch cabinet
  11. Plans of the lighting installation
  12. Plans of the emergency lighting installation
  13. Plans of the installations for external blinds and curtain rails
  14. Plans of the KNX/EIB bus
  15. Plans of the 230/400V outlets
  16. Plans of the video entry phone, antenna connections as well as TV, phone and PC outlets
  17. Plans of the alarm system
  18. Plans of the home cinema and audio installation (multiroom)

Why is this solution so interesting for you? Take a look at the value of materials you are receiving:

Even up to 25 000 EUR – this is its value after you have taken a few orders for the execution of KNX/EIB installations and designs

1270 EUR – this is what a training seminar on the subject would cost, for one person, in a lecture hall.

770 EUR – this would be the price of a DVD with the training course if we were to distribute it in this manner.

570 EUR – this is the estimated value of printed material from the training seminar.

370 EUR 297 EUR – you need to invest only this much in order to receive a ready design with all the necessary documentation. Should you receive a few orders, the invested sum will return to you five-hundred-fold! Apart from this you gain access to this material whenever you should need it, and always when you require it.

Saving time and materials thanks to using ready components – this would surely be enough to suggest the design of this smart system specifically to you. But the solution we are offering has got one other advantage that we want to reveal to you right now: quality. 12 years of experience of SMARTech specialists are a warranty that you are using a professionally created documentation. Order it by entering your data into the form, and you will receive the full design plans for the special price of 370 EUR 297 EUR (the price rises with each new addition, present customers will receive all future updates, so it’s worth buying quickly for a lower price).

But that’s not all!

Ordering a sample smart KNX/EIB system design, you will also receive:

Bonus 1: special report: Which KNX/EIB system to choose?

This report contains answers to questions like:
How to select the most suitable system for a particular building?
What are the prices of the individual components of the systems in relation to the data transmission medium?

You will also read about three types of control media: radio waves, the electrical power network, and the system bus.

Here is a list of topics covered by this free report:

  • Choice of a KNX/EIB system
  • Instabus KNX/EIB system
  • Description of the Powernet subsystem – control via the 230V power network
  • Description of the RadioBus system – control via radio waves
  • Instabus or Powernet?
  • Cost comparison of KNX/EIB subsystems
  • Prices of basic equipment for KNX systems

Bonus 2: 20 pages describing 14 smart home systems available in Europe, including a table comparing their 36 features in detail.
When looking at the features of each system you are sure to instantly see what the real differences between them are, as well as which system will be best for you.

Bonus 3: A 167-page basic guide to smart home systems.
One has to start somewhere. This guide will serve as the best introduction to smart home systems. SMARTech had taught many beginners in the field about these systems. We know what kind of information you need

Bonus 4: KNX/EIB element symbols for AutoCAD.

We are providing your workplace a valuable tool. When designing each installation you can make use of ready libraries of graphic symbols. You are sure to quickly find out how this facilitates the preparation of technical drawings.



Would you like to receive free sample fragments of this? Here it is.




Five reasons why to order

You receive knowledge checked in practice
You don’t waste time searching for information
You receive concise, clearly arranged content
You receive your guides immediately upon ordering
No risk – money back guarantee



Don’t waste time looking for information – order today your sample KNX/EIB smart home design, get the free guide 'Which KNX/EIB system to choose?’ and make use of valuable guidelines as gathered by professionals.

P. S. I will not ask you to take my word. There is no need for it, because my security about the value of this knowledge allows me to give you a 30-DAY SATISFACTION GUARANTEE.




If within 30 days from making the order you come to the conclusion that the knowledge you had received doesn’t fulfil your expectations, let me know, and I will refund you the money.

Mariusz Szepietowski

This simple decision is now up to you:


The design is delivered in editable AutoCAD or MS Word files. If you would like to access the less expensive version in PDF files (not editable), go to the site offering the not editable version of the design.

I am more than pleased about the content of your publications – all of them are very useful.
Heinz Lux, Director of KNX Association, Brussels, Belgium

These Clearly Explained Set of Books contain All the Information a KNX System Integrator would like to know but is afraid to Ask
Gurudath Kavalu – founding Member of the KNX National Group in India