How To Start Up The KNX System?

A guide on programming KNX devices in the ETS 5 application (version issued in year 2015), meaning – a guide to starting up the system. This publication will provide you with the knowledge you require. It shall replace standard programming training, and having read it, you will be able to begin programming and starting up a KNX system i. e. for a small house all by yourself.

To date there was no publication like this! The knowledge contained in this guide was up to now only available during expensive multi-day training seminars!

We had gathered information useful for investors, installation specialists and designers in our guide 'How To Start Up The KNX System?’.

Guide How To Start Up The KNX System?

(files that you can download on your computer)

Guide features:

  • foreseen for persons who have never seen the ETS in their lives and have never programmed anything
  • only as much theory as is required to gain knowledge about starting the system up (no descriptions of telegram structures, transmission rules, etc.),
  • step-by-step, from finding the required files and installing software, through configuration of devices present in a sample house, to system start-up and activities to adjust the system to user demands (this is never included in any training seminars),
  • description of all configuration parameters for the described equipment,
  • many screenshots showing subsequent work steps „live”.

How much is the knowledge gathered in the publication worth?

Up to 25 000 EUR – this is its value in case you forget that 'one cable’ and have to break open the walls again.

470 EUR
– this is what a training seminar on the subject would cost, for one person, in a lecture hall.

287 EUR
– this would be the price of a DVD with the training course if we were to distribute it in this manner.

187 EUR – this is the estimated value of printed material from the training seminar.

127 EUR – you only pay this much when buying the guide „How To Start Up The KNX System?” and gaining access to this material any time and anywhere you need it!

Now you can have all the most important information always at your fingertips. Trust over 12 years of experience of SMARTech specialists. Order your guide „How To Start Up The KNX System?” today for the special price of 127 EUR (the price rises with each new addition, present customers will receive all future updates, so it’s worth buying quickly for a lower price).

But that’s not all!

When ordering the guide „How To Start Up The KNX System?” you will also receive:

Bonus 1: ETS file with full design of system described in main guide

Bonus 2: Detailed applications and units parameters descriptions in separated pdf files

Would you like to receive free sample fragments of this? Here it is.

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If within 30 days from making the order you come to the conclusion that the knowledge you had received doesn’t fulfil your expectations, let me know, and I will refund you the money.

Mariusz Szepietowski

This simple decision is now up to you:

I am more than pleased about the content of your publications – all of them are very useful.
Heinz Lux, Director of KNX Association, Brussels, Belgium

These Clearly Explained Set of Books contain All the Information a KNX System Integrator would like to know but is afraid to Ask
Gurudath Kavalu – founding Member of the KNX National Group in India