How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?

There are already over 5000 devices for the KNX system on the market, offered by 165 manufacturers. How to handle such a mass? How to select the right device to suit user requirements? From among over 5000 devices, this guide contains on over one hundred pages descriptions and/or photos of over 250 of the most important or most interesting devices and their uses, including a handful of practical tips.

We had gathered information useful for investors, installation specialists and designers in our guide 'How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?’.

Guide How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?

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With the guide you’ll receive, among others:

  • a list of 165 KNX system device manufacturers,
  • descriptions and/or images of over 70 types of devices (sensors, dimmers, outputs, panels, connectors, etc.)
  • descriptions and/or images of 250 most important and most interesting devices
  • dozes of ideas to use atypical devices for family comfort
  • tens tips on how to pick equipment to make great choices
  • prices of described equipment and connection diagrams
  • instruction manuals and precise descriptions of features for most of them

Up to now, nothing like this was ever on the market. Most manufacturer representatives do not even know what is the actual market offer, not to mention the installation specialists, designers or investors. If you would only like to look through all manufacturer catalogues (I remind You – over 165 manufacturers, over 5000 products) – You’d easily lose a week and probably You’d just get very confused.

And this guide presents, in an orderly way, an overview of equipment tgypes and uses!

Here’s a list of all device types included in the guide:

  • SYSTEM UNITS: power supplies, USB/LAN communication connectors, surge protection connectors, line couplers
  • ACTUATORS: binary outputs, incandescent lamp dimmers, high-power, modular dimmers, fluorescent lamp dimmer, constant light controllers, roller-blind and shutter actuators (for 230VAC and 24VDC), electric curtain rails
  • TEMPERATURE CONTROL UNITS: thermostats (manual and with lcd display), heating actuators, actuating drives, actuating drive adapters, heater valve actuators, furnace integration interfaces, ventilation and air-condition astuators, floor heating controllers
  • SENSORS: consoles, touch sensors, thermostats, motion and presence detectors, connectors to traditional switches, led/lcd displays, touch panels, sensors of humidity, temperature, CO2
  • INTEGRATORS with: alarm systems, CCTV cameras, house gate phone, gate phone, video gate phone, multiroom systems, audio and video conversation equipment
  • AND OTHERS: weather stations and sensors, logic and central units, clocks and timers, scene modules, analog and binary inputs, IR and RF remote controllers, internet/gsm/tv communicators, home-servers, locks with access-control, presence simulators, fire sensors, nurse call systems, camera switches, IR controllers, energy meters, working time counters, event modules…

How much is the knowledge gathered in the publication worth?

Up to 25 000 EUR – this is its value in case you forget that 'one cable’ and have to break open the walls again.

340 EUR
– this is what a training seminar on the subject would cost, for one person, in a lecture hall.

187 EUR
– this would be the price of a DVD with the training course if we were to distribute it in this manner.

127 EUR – this is the estimated value of printed material from the training seminar.

87 EUR – you only pay this much when buying the guide „How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?” and gaining access to this material any time and anywhere you need it!

Now you can have all the most important information always at your fingertips. Trust over 12 years of experience of SMARTech specialists. Order your guide „How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?” today for the special price of 87 EUR (the price rises with each new addition, present customers will receive all future updates, so it’s worth buying quickly for a lower price).

But that’s not all!

When ordering the guide „How To Pick And Choose KNX Equipment?” you will also receive:

Bonus 1: special report: Which KNX/EIB system to choose?

This report contains answers to questions like:
How to select the most suitable system for a particular building?
What are the prices of the individual components of the systems in relation to the data transmission medium?
You will also read about three types of control media: radio waves, the electrical power network, and the system bus.

Here is a list of topics covered by this free report:

  • Choice of a KNX/EIB system
  • Instabus KNX/EIB system
  • Description of the Powernet subsystem – control via the 230V power network
  • Description of the RadioBus system – control via radio waves
  • Instabus or Powernet?
  • Cost comparison of KNX/EIB subsystems
  • Prices of basic equipment for KNX systems

Bonus 2: Detailed applications and units parameters descriptions in separated pdf files


Would you like to receive free sample fragments of this? Here it is.


What do the readers think about the Guide?

This guide is a stunning idea! This is the item that was missing for the market – a book valuable both for installation specialists as well as for interested investors. Such a „nutshell market overview” means great savings of valuable time. If I were to choose one guide, then this would be the name most interesting to me. Despite it being partly a collection of information freely available on manufacturer websites, then I’d probably lose around 50 hours just gathering them – a week’s work. Or I wouldn’t have the time for it at all, or the 'off time’ would cost me much more than this guide… Even though I personally feel, that it would take me much more time, but let’s get back on topic… Such knowledge is needed even if it’s sometimes underestimated – I like to be up to date with news from the industry. Even comparing, on the other hand, the cost of a „visit” to an industry fair to get to know the market offer and news? Only in my country the cost would be comparable or higher, not mentioning a trade fair in a foreign country, where I would be only able to see and get to know a part of the equipment included in the guide anyway.
My sincere recommendation! Lukas

An interesting and well-written guide, allowing one to quickly get acquainted with news and devices used in building automation. I personally found the current prices indicated for each product particularly useful, very important during offer preparation. Rules of selection of KNX devices were described clearly and simply, allowing one to quickly gather the required numbers for every system. Very useful – especially for industry practitioners – were the connection diagrams, provided for almost every product, which dispel all doubts concerning connections with junction cabinets. If you plan to work with intelligent systems, you should definitely get this notebook.
Yours, Rafał Nowosielski

It took me a day to read this guide, and I must say that it is written better than many dissertations, because it doesn’t use a plethora of unintellible terms, and yet perfectly shows and presents topics, which many people in this country would like to sound quite complicated. What I enjoyed most at first glance was equal treatment of all manufacturers through display of their logos right at the beginning of the guide. This allows one to get to know them better, and to indicate to readers that there are still other companies apart from the big market players. Personally, the final chapters of the guide was what I found most useful, particularly the pages concerning integration of KNX with other systems. I hope that the author, Mr Szepietowski, delivers soon a guide describing in greater detail integration with other systems. I give the guide an overall very high note, recommending it both to beginner as well as advanced installation specialists.
Karol Wantuch


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You receive concise, clearly arranged content
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Mariusz Szepietowski

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I am more than pleased about the content of your publications – all of them are very useful.
Heinz Lux, Director of KNX Association, Brussels, Belgium

These Clearly Explained Set of Books contain All the Information a KNX System Integrator would like to know but is afraid to Ask
Gurudath Kavalu – founding Member of the KNX National Group in India