Why should I have a smart home?

The fast pace of advances in microprocessor technology, computer science, as well as telecommunication, causes that even in traditional electrical energy installations one will find different approaches to the matters of control, oversight and protection. Ever since the first building installations were built, they were equipped with traditional devices, like fuses, outlets, breakers, cam switches, incandescent sockets (later also fluorescent and others). The advances in these installations had reached a point at which any complication requires that we look for different approaches to matters of power supply, and the speed of finding and removal of possible interference.

Also the constant pressure to raise the bar causes the technical abilities of development of traditional electric installations to today be practically exhausted. Manufacturers of installation equipment create their own control and adjustment systems, introducing automatic units to building installation technologies. These systems are highly specialised, and despite the fact that they fulfil most requirements, but when one uses several of them at one site, then the count of cables required in such a situation rises geometrically. The situation is worsened still by the fact that it is not usually possible to connect these systems into a functional whole without the use of additional expensive superordinate control equipment. The use of such equipment requires knowledge which surpasses what may be called the basic levels.

In recent years the trend to care for energy consumption and comfort of use when buying new devices or installing new equipment had been growing stronger. Not rarely the decisive factor to choose a particular solution are greater energy savings. This tendency will pick up pace as the costs of energy rise, even though in Poland they are still relatively low (in comparison to Western Europe). We choose to buy more modern, and thus more expensive, appliances, but ones that with time will return the invested money – with interest.