Internet and communication in a smart home

An intelligent building consists not only of the control system, but is also formed by a certain proper way of laying the 'media’ installations – TV, phone, data network…  The integration of all logic networks inside the house decidedly increases the value and comfort of the house, and incorporates in itself comfort and safety, allowing more effective use of home appliances such as phones, audio/video equipment, computers or cameras. All these are laid in a star formation, with the central point in one specific place. Such an installation allows free assignment of communication services to rooms, and provides high signal quality.

Every electronic medium, i. e. television signals, the phone or the Internet can be directed to any place in the house without the need to run new cables, thus avoiding the 'cable spaghetti’ effect. One can send the video signal to any receiver in the house without the need to carry equipment around, build an internal telephone network and enhance it to serve as an entry phone and intercom system. Thanks to this one can watch a film off a DVD on any TV they wish, or answer the entry phone through any telephone (even a wireless one). In case of multiple computers present, they can be joined together to form a network.