Protection against lightning and interference



What is protection against lightning and interference?

Modern, sensitive electronics are more and more susceptible to interference, voltage instabilities, atmospheric discharges, etc. There exist, however, devices which are able to effectively protect home appliances against lightning and so-called 'grid noise’. Fuses present in the switch cabinet are not enough, because they only protect from lightning coming in from the electrical grid. Lightning can 'enter’ the net through phone cables, TV cabling (through the satellite dish), etc., and all these cables also carry harmful interference.


Why is it worth it to use protection against lightning and interference?

* Protection of the home audio/video equipment from damage or destruction
* Protection of the house and family from fire
* Higher quality of sound and image, in borderline cases even the sheer ability to receive them


Can one use protection against lightning and interference in a house already built?

Yes. These protection devices can be installed both at the appliance to be protected, as well as i. e. by the satellite dish or the phone-PC central unit.