Full control

Planning on building a large, several-storey house? Or maybe a hotel or block of flats? You surely know how important it is to control such an investment. The villa owner, porter or manager should always have a view of what is going on inside and outside the building. In advanced systems all control and switching functions should be concentrated in one spot, and the visual presentation software we suggest for smart home systems will allow you to get an overview of the situation with one glance. It is simple to use, allows graphical presentations of every room and every overseen installation on a computer screen. It is useful for routine control and as a warning system even for the owner of a large estate. Also in terms of upkeep and maintenance such visual representation is economical. The controlled measurement values are displayed on the computer screen (i. e. temperatures in rooms, data on faults and suspicious readings.   The system allows audio or voice (pre-recorded messages) notification of the user of any event. All suspicious events, because it is integrated with the alarm system, fire system and control units for the heating, lighting, air conditioning, etc. So, if in a gale the wind breaks a window, the family will be notified instantly, because everything is overseen in real time. For the control of devices programmed by our engineers according to the investor’s needs, we suggest wireless LCD touch panels. A colour screen lets one see all the functions that were programmed. The panels are available in sizes from 8,4” to 15”, but we will write more about them in the upcoming parts. Just remember that the panel is equipped with a web browser allowing one to control the visual presentation.