Intelligent appliances enhancing security

Cameras located at vital points of the house and outside can transmit the image to any TV screen (should the family be startled by anything) or directly to a panel. One can also record the image upon detection of movement by the camera. There’s more! All data is recorded in the database, which allows their management and reporting. We suggest to our customers that, when coming home, they will have the option of checking what had taken place while they were away. What about security when the family is absent for a longer period, i. e. during holidays? When the family is away, resting – the house becomes a point of interest for the burglar. We have something just for this case. Presence simulation greatly influences the reduction of risk of an unpleasant surprise after the holidays. A special module 'records’ the activities of the family in the period before the trip, and then 'plays it back’. The effect is very convincing, because it reflects real world activities that are different from day to day.         You are able to create the house of the future even today, where the family will feel comfortable and safe. The luxury that probably all of them dream about requires the provision of a place solely for relaxing, resting and fun. Such a place is, for example, the television room. In the next part we will tell you how to create a modern entertainment centre at home, be it in the living room or a separate cinema room, as chosen by a growing number of persons building their houses nowadays.