Frequently asked questions

Is system maintenance required? How much does it cost?

The smart home system is covered by a 24-month warranty. We personally remind our customers about the scheduled maintenance periods, so they do not have to worry about missing their date. A maintenance check costs about 1-2% of the system value + transport costs. The obligation to execute the check is legally enforced due to the safety requirement of the electric installation.


Why is the price for a smart home system so high?

It is true that the costs of such a system can be as much as 30-70% more than of a traditional installation, but its capabilities greatly exceed the features offered by non-integrated installations. It is not just about aesthetics. The smart home system is an investment that pays itself back. Very quickly it starts bringing savings to users (lower lighting and heating costs).


What to do to have a smart home if at present the financial means are lacking?

In case of presently limited financial capabilities we advise the execution of a design and an installation able to support a KNX/EIB system in the future. Thus the road to an upgrade in a few years, when the system will be commonplace, the existing installation into an intelligent one. The cost of preparing such a ready-for-expansion installation is not much higher than the cost of a traditional one. Thus you secure yourself the ability to create a smart home step by step (by feature or room), without the need for costly reconstructions of the installation each time.