How to make your home intelligent?

167 pages about modern intelligent homes. This topic is becoming more and more popular, even in mass media, but reliable and clear information is still lacking. Potential readers are bound to find shallow advertising texts or very technical descriptions. Our guide is different - it presents practical information, presented in an easily digestible way.

For whom is this guide foreseen?

The guide is targeted at persons building their house or flat. It will provide them with knowledge about what can be gained through usage of modern technology that remains unknown to a great many even though it had been in use for years. It will allow the reader to properly plan great lighting in his home, a home theatre system, and a music/film system in every room.

Why is it worth it?
Our guide came to being on the basis of over 10 years of practice in constructing such systems. We know the expectations of people currently building houses - that they should be modern, safe, economic and comfortable.

1. What is an intelligent house?
2. Lighting in an intelligent house.
3. Intelligent control consoles.
4. Control of the heating and air-conditioning.
5. Useful motion, energy and weather sensors.
6. Summary of capabilities.
7. Savings in an intelligent house.
8. Safety in an intelligent house.
9. A real cinema at home.
10. A cinema in a common room.
11. Multiroom and audio/video signal distribution.
12. Advanced audio/video integration.
13. Description of design phases.
14. Possibilities and functions of consoles.
15. Console catalogue.
16. Audio/video tips.
17. Comparison of intelligent home automation systems.
18. How much do intelligent home systems cost?
19. Sample technical specifications of a KNX system.
20. Sample technical specifications of a home cinema and multiroom system.

This offer is unique, as it is the only one. It is valuable, because every year, millions of houses and flats are built in Europe, and each owner would like their house/flat to be modern.

Unsure whether this guide is for you? Or do you have doubts as to its value?

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"I am more than pleased about the content of your publications – all of them are very useful.
Heinz Lux, Director of KNX Association, Brussels, Belgium

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